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Welcome to the GTA5-Mods.com community forums!

  • @Reyser Maaayyybe but that's going to take me a lot longer than simple forum changes, so no promises for now! :)

  • @rappo @Reyser Wouldn't it be easier to just implement PMing? Although I do see that his idea has merit, both do the same basic concept, which is to keep the comment section from being flooded with random comment. Although I like the idea, maybe just have a check box that says "this conversation is over" and another checkbox that says "I read and appreciate it." Which is easier?


    @Think_Tank A PMing would be easier, yes, but sometimes people got help with his problem reading comments section, so I think that my idea is usefull for this case too. But yes, I like the idea of PMing.

  • @Reyser @Think_Tank PMing is kind of a thing. This forum has a chat function.


    @GTATerminal But we're talking about a thing to implement to main gta5-mods.com site, not to Forums that already have it xD

  • @Reyser Ah, gotcha :p

  • @rappo

    I would like to thank you for this beautiful website.
    I have worked with a few of web developers and I know how hard you've worked for this.

    Pretty impressive. :smile:

    And I plan on staying on these forums.




    @rappo Glad to see that finally we have this option (But needs to be in other languages too ;) : alt text

  • @rappo Just a few suggestions. First, I noticed, though it may just be me, that new notifications from gta5-mods.com do not appear on forums.gta5-mods.com, which means that I need to keep two tabs open if I am waiting for a notification from the other site. Second, I love the UI. It is so clean and easy to use, compared to other mod sites.

  • @rappo Oh, and perhaps a mobile app? Sometimed we're on the go or on vacation (like me) and have a little free time to answer questions but no computer nearby.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Thanks for the feedback :grin: The main website is mobile-friendly! You can add the homepage to your smart phone's homescreen and the layout should fit rather nicely. Beyond that, I don't think a mobile app is going to be in the works anytime soon.

    As for the notifications, yes, those are currently on two different systems. I will look into how I can combine them, but that will take some time and may not be ready for a while.

  • @rappo I noticed that, and of the mobile friendly websites I've seen, this one is undoubtedly the best. I usually am a stickler over ads on mobile devices, but these are unintrusive, and I don't even mind. As for the mobile app, that's fine. I was thinking more for the forums anyway.

  • @rappo Finally, my fav website now taking one more step, transforming it in a perfection. Thank you so much rappo, for the matter of fact, I was thinking the same thing, few days back, and wanted to drop a message to you, but I couldnt since, there was no methodology. I tried, visiting your profile, by some disabled mod page, where I could see only your comment. But nevertheless, I am preety much sure, this will now give this website a whole new ground for more peer to jump into the discussion, it means, more requests, more ideas and more amazing things to amaze us. Thanks again.

  • @Jonas-Holland If you tap the menu icon in the top right-hand corner and scroll all the way down, it should show you your active chats.

  • @Jonas-Holland Yes, sorry about that. It was taking me too long to get the menu to be the same as on gta5-mods.com, and I wanted to make the forums public so I rushed that part. I will be working on getting the menu to be better! Thanks for the feedback :grin:

  • Thank you for the forum. Great to be here

  • Awesome! no#1 modding website just became more attractive and expanded with the right Features required! Thanks @rappo .


    @rappo Some more ideas I had today to improve Forums:

    • An option to expand size of private chats (box where you put the message), because actually we only can see 2 lines while we're writing.
    • A complete rules thread (Rules like "Use English to write a topic/comments" and other). Actually we have some threads with Guidelines, and 1 thread made by you with 4 rules only. In my opinion, needs to be more extense.

  • @Reyser I'll see what I can do about the chat box size. As for the rules, I don't have a problem with non-English posts. Of course people will get more responses if they post or ask questions in English, but this is an international site and people can post in their language if they want. If you think of any other rules that are missing, please let me know.


    @rappo Ok, thanks.

    About "Use English to write a topic/comment", I put that example because I saw a comment in a thread criticizing it, that seems to be deleted before, I don't have any problem with other language threads/comments ;).

    Some rules I thought:

    • Don't do spam or use multiple accounts, you'll be warned/banned.
    • Respect threads/posts that are not in English language, is an International site.
    • Create threads on their respective section.
    • Don't use Forums to promote your Youtube channel, Website, etc, meanwhile threads/comments or PMing users. You can use you're signature for this purpose.
    • It is essential write at least with a minimum of good spelling.
    • Don't create threads that were already before.

  • @Reyser I could give it a go at writing up a rules thread later.

    But perhaps they would be more respected if it was made by Rappo since he has the Administrator title.

  • @GTATerminal Thanks, but yes I'd rather be the one publishing the rules.

  • @rappo Definitely


    @rappo We can use this method as it works here in Forums but for comments section in 5Mods website?

    If no, this is an idea ;)

    PD: Don't forget to update :flag_es: translation, it wasn't at 100% before I did it.

  • Admin Rappo: Thank you VERY much for this higly needed forum.
    It's been far too long that we had no home, but finally, after all this time... you made us one...
    snif snif I'm so happy....

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