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how to change ramp color?

  • i know this green object in map editor; really color is black and blue;
    even here is green and yellow:
    how to change it ?
    alt text

  • @toqchista It's hard to work out which part of the image you are referring to. I can see ramps in green, yellow and blue, are those the ramps you mean? Or do you mean the big object they are stood on, which is green and yellow?

    Perhaps if your image contained just the ramp you mean, it would be easier to know which object you want to change the colour of.

  • @LeeC2202
    object name is : stt_prop_stunt_landing_zone_01

    but dont exist it file, in my gta folder;

    i mean big object which is stooned; but what is matter? i want change color,

    so, i dont know from where should i change color? from where can i change color ? probably change can't be from game;

  • @toqchista Look here in OpenIV:


  • @LeeC2202 said in how to change ramp color?:


    can;t i find:
    alt text

  • @toqchista That box in the corner isn't the search box. Hit Control + F3 to get the search box.

  • @LeeC2202 o

    wow; i find it; now how to change color ?

  • @toqchista I couldn't find any coloured textures in the same place, so the colour might be changed by the game and not by a texture.

    If I find anything, I will post back with more info.

  • @LeeC2202

    ok thnx , please tell me if can change color

  • @toqchista Okay, so this is a bit complicated, so I hope I make sense.

    In the ydr file are embedded textures. If you open that file (stt_prop_stunt_landing_zone_01.ydr) in OpenIV model viewer, you can see [ view embedded textures ] in the bottom right corner.

    If you click that, you will see a texture called prop_stunt_landing_zone_01_pal and I think that image is used to change the colours of the object in-game. If you look, there are lots of little squares at the left side of that texture and each square is a colour, that colour is used as a tint on top of the black and white textures in the model.

    So I don't think you can change the colour by just changing a texture.

    In another thread, someone said that Menyoo lets you change the colours of those kinds of objects when you spawn them but I don't use Menyoo so I don't know for certain.

  • @LeeC2202
    Okey, but i tried change color with menyoo, but there isnt anything what will change colors.

    I spawn object then i press f9 and mouse rightt i click on ramp object then i got menyoo menu left corner, there isnt change color

  • @toqchista I'm afraid I don't know how Menyoo works, so I really don't know what options it has in it. I don't build maps or anything, I just write script mods and do the occasional bit of texture work.

    Hopefully, someone will see the thread that knows about Menyoo.

  • @LeeC2202
    So you gave your mods. Can you make disney cars mods for gta?

  • @toqchista I don't make cars, just scripts.

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