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I need help

  • Who is the evil mod such as mhmm Mod

  • @yuyu Whuuuut ? lol I don't understand what you mean

  • @yuyu https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/the-evil-futo here it is :smile: the only evil you can get here till today :wink:

  • @TobsiCred nice I didnt saw it, lol you found fun ideas to equip the blista, it would be cool with a dead body in the trunk :P

  • @cgz had exactly the same idea but found no ingame ped model which fits the trunk. maybe in v1.1 must look if i can find the yft file of a pedmodel or maybe use the nude lara croft mod for it :laughing: at the time i created the mod i also wanted to add a deer crashed on the hood as tuningpart :grin:

    edit: hm or use menyoos object spooner with dead bodies in the trunk and on the rear seats

  • @TobsiCred lol lara croft should do the trick :thumbsup:
    for the deer I suggest u this one http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/venadito-3d-3ds/589622 I don't like bambi it'll look nice on the hood :deer: :warning:

  • @cgz oh so cute :cry: just kidding :nerd: thats the perfect model. maybe just open the hood a little and only let the head look outside. but then i need a script that animates the head shaking in the wind when i drive :grin: oh man, sick 50$ for a dead animal, normally i only pay half price for a good steak :laughing:

  • i think i had to do a new mod called "animalic futo ähm food-o" bambi on the hood like in the film open season, a bunny between wing and wheel a cat looks outside the exhaust and hopping chickens in the inside. a sitting cow on passenger seat and little elephant in trunk with animated sound when the trunk gets open

  • @TobsiCred Lol u killed me :')

  • @cgz oh i forgot the squirrel under the right wiper that moves up and down the windscreen with the wiper mod from ImNotMental. oh man, i need a new zmodeler license :thinking:

  • Locking because, well... this makes no sense :grin:

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