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Web Browser Maze Thumbnail/Logo location?

  • Hello,

    When you open your phone and go to the bank page, you see a list.

    Where do I change the logo that you click to enter the Maze Bank website?
    File location?

  • @Namie243 Will look for it!! If i find it ill reply here and tell you!

  • @GTPZ This is as close as I could get!
    mods, update, updaterpf, x64, patch, data, cdimages.....

    I don't see the image I want to change here though.
    But I did find the ytd's for Maze ATM and website itself. So I have uploaded a mod with a different website and ATM page. Looks weird haha

    Thank you!!

  • @Namie243 Some are gonna be in this path: update.rpf -> x64 -> patch -> data -> cdimages -> scaleform_web.rpf at the bottom. and some in this one: x64b.rpf -> data -> cdimages -> scaleform_generic.rpf .
    You might also have to edit the gfx files.

  • @GTPZ It was in the x64b generic like you said.


    Thank you x1000!
    Maze is about to become something else.... :D

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