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Problem with car mods

  • I got a redux few days ago. I had some problems, but already fixed them. So, after this, i tried to install some add-on car mods, LC500 by EvertW, and GTR 2017 by Matt. Game started to crash on every loading, with memory error window(ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE). The only solution i found is to change my gameconfig.xml, but it didnt help me. I just deleted them and my game started to launch at least. Besides, i had a wheels packs mods in x64i.rpf, and edited vehshare.ytd in x64e, so i thought, what will happen if i'll try to replace cars. Game started to crash again, but there wasnt any error window. I got my original files back, but it didnt help, so game still doesnt let me play.
    I have Steam license, last version of the game, and Real Brand Rims Pack by zQrba, Stretched Tire Wheel Pack by erfet, Gameconfig by Game68240 and Enhanced Native Trainer, if it matters.
    Thank you.

  • I think i should mark that i had a redux in november too, without any problems with add-on and replace cars either

  • Up.

  • @Klyxa47 Maybe try to tweak yourself some values in gameconfig like "Vehicles" or other things :/

  • @cgz i said that i deleted all car mods, including add-ons and replaces either, after this, i put gameconfig from the last update, so im pretty sure its not the problem

  • So, a little update
    I deleted redux at all, and installed a NaturalVision 2.2. There is one problem, i cant get graphics of level like on screens, but it doesn't really matter. It shows, that problem wasn't in car mods, because i got same models, and everything works fine.

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