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[TOOL] Creating and importing of characters?

  • We (our online crew) decided to give making machinimas a shot. Since almost everyone wants to be part of it, we were looking for ways of using custom animations on custom characters, mostly online characters of crew members.

    For that, I have a couple of questions:

    • I've found Skin Control but this mod seems to be abandoned for over a year now. Therefore, it doesn't work properly anymore and has some options, like tattoos, that are not available. Is there any other mod that would do that job properly?

    • Is there any way of importing other players online characters so we can you them in a modded SP environment for recording clips with or without custom animations? Preferably without installing mods for everyone?

    • Are there any other mods you'd recommend to make life easier when it comes to recording clips with animations and maybe more than one character? I know about Scene Director but this seems to be a) working not very reliable or b) I'm to dumb to use it, as characters seem to be unable to recreate recorded actions properly.

    • As we probably want to include friendly crews as well, is there any way to import and use online crew emblems? I know I can use the one on my crew but how about others / multiple emblems?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • Menyoo lets you save Online characters to it. You can do this via Director Mode. You may have to make minor adjustments though, and you will have to reapply decals like shirt logos, tattoo's, and the hair decal that shows up under your character's hair component. If you do use Menyoo SP, everyone would have to do this.

    If one of you owns Menyoo MP, it has an option to save other player's outfits to your computer so you can load them up in SP. I haven't done this, but I imagine that you have to tweak them. I also recommend that you are near the player when you save the outfit.

    On a somewhat related note, I don't get why people still use Skin Control. Menyoo has all of the features that Skin Control does, also has shirt decals, and it lets you save as many outfits as you want. It even has folder support. You can delete components from the file, and make a kinda sorta wardrobe for your character with it.

    The Simple Trainer also is better than Skin Control, but Menyoo is the best in this area.

  • To be honest, I could save outfist with Menyoo but not characters.
    ight be my fault but I didn't see the option for it. But since Skin Control is exactly the same, as I have to tweak what I saved, why change? I hoped more for an updated version of Skin Control or a similar mod.

    Still, I don't think I will get all of our crew to install mods, so I run into problems anyway.

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