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Editing particle effects ?

  • Hello this my first post here, so i was doing a new explosion sprite and i was wondering if there's anyway we could edit particle effects in a more advanced manner ? like adding new textures or changing velocity or the colours of the explosion trails etc, and i don't mean the ##fx.dat files there must be something more complex out there to control the emitters, is this possible yet ?

  • Particles are stored in .YPT format, you can't edit these yet. However, you can modify the textures using texture toolkit.

    The same goes to GTA 4, I don't think anyone knows how to modify the particles effect for that game.

  • Thanks for the replay! i know about texture toolkit and i'm glad it exists really...
    it's a shame we cannot extract the models seen in .YPT, using openIV we can clearly see those models, maybe they have some flags or something stored in them. :/

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