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[PAINT/VEHICLE] Skins project Aventador YouP**n / F15J Fuji / A12 Carrier / F18F Multiple Livery / Gumball 3000

  • I post my projects, i ll do all of them! If u want help me, tell me what! :)

    Aventador YouP**n (i ll do this one alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
    alt text

    F15J Fuji 50th anniversary (it s very hard to find writing "mean")
    alt text

    A12 carrier (increase texture HD to 8k and more "huge work")
    alt text

    F18F multiple livery, i don't know if i use PSD file from EA18G or F18F from canal embrear!

    Gumball 3000
    alt text
    alt text
    and more

    If u want something, tell me :)

  • @Voltrock Well I've done turning the A-12 into Foch and Clemenceau... do yo need the files and maybe enhance and release them together?

  • @Elope i ve no problem to do deck carrier "pont" , just i need many times to make the ground (macadam). Then dirt textures :( (i hate this)

    We must change texture into 4K 4096x4096 or 8k 8192x8192 (maybe doesn't work, i don't know)
    4K : PSD file 150MO (8K x2)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @HRH sorry for u but it work ;) (test on Z9 haitun and on carrier too).
    Not really necessary on normal vehicles

    Aventador Youp**n 50% finished

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