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Topic always jumps back to Page 1

  • Hey Guys,for a few Days now,i have a really weird Problem with 5Mods Forum:
    When i go on a Subforum (for example "Releases & Works in Progress " etc) the Site only lets me see the first Page.When i click non next Page or Page 2,it jumps back after a Second.
    I noticed this onmy Computer aswell as on my Smartphone.I didn`t change any Settings on my Computer or Phone so this Problem might be on 5Mods Side.
    I think it started since we now get that orange written Notification that we have to klick on it to verify that we want Notifications from this Site.

  • @Chris-W. Notifying, has nothing to do, with shit internet. I can't help but think this because if it's your smartphone, and not just your PC, chances are your internet is shit. Or both devices could be infected, who knows? Never really had this issue, so those are just the guesses I've got.

  • @Chris-W. I believe this is the same issue @V4D3R told me he's encountering. Unfortunately I can't figure out what to do about it because I'm not seeing the issue on my end. Will see what I can do about it in the meantime, but I'll upgrade to the latest NodeBB version when it comes out to hopefully fix the issue.

  • @krashadam
    Whoa,calm down your Horses!Looks like someone forgot to take their Chill Pills.
    How do you wanna know i have "shit Internet"?Maybe i have one gazillion Megafarts Speed Internet with the Cable being as thick as an oversea Cable,just saying!
    Also i didn`t change my Internet and the Problem with this Site only happened since a few Days.

    @rappo Good to hear i´m not the only one with this Problem.
    As i already mentioned,i haven`t changed anything on my Computer Settings or my Internet.

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