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Who has access?!


    So, yeah, I was just experimenting with the Single Player Apartment a bit. And I was wondering, can you set owner to garages/apartments to anyone else but the main protagonists? For instance, I tried setting (in MySave.cfg) the following:

        DPHHLowner "Freemode Female"

    With the "Freemode Female" character, of course; but that didn't work.

    Kinda sad about that, as I use Unknown Modder's great tool to set my freemode female charater to Michael now, so she has access to all apartment and garages and stuff. But, as a result, when I'm standing still, Michael kicks in again, as it were, cracking his shoulders, and trying to look tough. Really out of character. :)

    So I was hoping to transfer ownership to the freemode female toon, but yeah, that does nothing.

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