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[VEHICLE] Mercedes-Benz G650 Maybach Laundulet

  • plz reply somebody


  • @wlupoli Probably isn't going to happen very soon... The car is way to new and isn't in any game yet, so I guess you have to wait

  • @MrTuning2001 yes but technically you can take a regular g65 mod and edit it into a laundulet

  • @wlupoli You must be really good to get that done tho

  • @MrTuning2001 getting the individual parts and attaching them to the base g65 is easy. You remove the suspension from the base g glass and replace it with sand king suspension parts. Next, for the interior you can swap the regular interior with a s class maybach interior from an existing mod or another model. The get the hard part is removing the back of the roof and creating the soft top cover, especially if you want it to be able to fold. However none of this is impossible. It would take longer for some one to make a brand new 3D model and then convert it than it would be to edit an existing model. @SkylineGTRFreak made most of those 747s by just basing them off the same plane and modeling different small details into them I order to differentiate

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