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Advice/help in the right direction

  • Hi and thank you for giving time to read and hopefully help me with this small issue I have.

    I have played GTA since release and recently bought a PC and looking to mod offline mode, I am interested in "the Spider-Man V [.NET] 1.1a2 [BETA]" I have downloaded, scripthookVDotNet and scripthookv.

    I have also downloaded OpenIV but can't seem to find GTA V in my files, I have the game installed through steam.

    I am guessing this is pretty straight forward, almost like reading a bike, once you know how to do it, it's one of them, right?

    Again thank you for taking time to read and hopefully solve my issue.

    [EDIT] I tried copying the "bin" file from scripthookv and copying it to the main game file, closing and opening the game, but with no luck.

  • [update] I have a native trainer working and openIV working.. used the menu etc and I am just trying to figure out how to do install this spiderman mod, all the files seem to be in the correct place, i'm assuming anyway.

    Going to start again now that I have openIV started, still appreciate any help.

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