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Custom handling for a vehicle which uses the handling of another vehicle?

  • So I've changed the handling.meta to raise the suspension of the Surfer (the clean version).

    But Surfer2 (the rusted out version) uses Surfer(1)'s handling data from handling.meta. There is just one entry for both vehicles.

    How can I create separate handling for Surfer2?



    You edit the handling reference in vehicles.meta giving SURFER2 a SURFER2 handling
    so <handlingId>SURFER2</handlingId>.

    Then you go into the handling.meta and copy the entire handling section for SURFER
    so from <Item type="CHandlingData"> until </Item>
    and then rename <handlingName>SURFER</handlingName> to <handlingName>SURFER2</handlingName>

    Congrats, you have now given SURFER2 a custom handling.
    Revert the suspension for it back to the original lines, so before the edits you made to SURFER!

  • @ReNNie Awesome! Thanks for that!

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