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Stretching cars in zmodeler

  • @DonFelipé I see that the moderator deleted my question about your mod because he felt that I was insulting and didn't pay respect. :unamused: My question is how did you use zmodeler to stretch the car? I wanna make a Cadillac DTS limo on my own and am just looking for some advice given that I'm new and you seem like a excellent modder who knows what your doing.

  • @wlupoli Hi man and thansk for asking! The only thing I did to stretch the CLA was moving all parts of the model in vertex mode :)

  • @DonFelipé ok cool! Thanks for your help

  • @wlupoli No problem man! Can't wait to see it and be aware.. The CLA ain't the only limousine I worked one ;)

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