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Do anyone do female peds?

  • I would like to know if anyone dose female peds if so I have a few that I would like to be put in but I haven't found any free models at all yet and google isn't helping me much I just want the peds to be good and better than the female peds in gta 5 .

    Please let me know thanks.

    P.S. for the ones that have to be bought for the list is follows.

    1.here are the lowest one's that I can even find or get that would look 10x better than the peds in gta 5.



    2.here are the expensive ones and if you ask me too expensive but its the only ones I can find and these would put the female peds especially the black female peds to shame .





    Well I will keep on trying to look for any free ones but I highly very highly doubt ill find any the looks as good as these on the list.

  • well I found one free female ped that looks better than the other pos free peds and yes its fully everything the only difference is she is white smdh. here are the stats.


    VR / AR / Low-poly
    Polygon mesh
    UV Mapping
    Unwrapped UVs
    Plugins used
    and yes I downloaded her is there anyone that can make her black and make her the way I would like to see her as if so please let me know as I will keep on looking.

  • I see that no one really answers at all they just look and don't even speak its either they hate the idea or don't want to even try to say something about it or they just don't care I have been racking myself like no tomorrow to even find any ped that looks anything good for free now that I find one I just get nothing even when its free smdh what else do I need to do I mean wow I finally found a free one its not the best but its doable and yet no one wants to try I even posted stats and the website its something to work with hell if I could I would do it myself but I can't cause I suck at it big time I'm too damn old to go to collage a learn this type of stuff what more do I need to do what more do I need to search and find? I am sorry for this but I am frustrated ive been up for a good part of 4 days straight looking for free peds since I can't get the ones that are paid for since I'm on a fixed income it seems that none of my ideas are good enough or anything what really gets me is that there are other ped mods that are not even remotely in video games but some how some way they are in here as mods and I am talking about the walking dead tv characters hell half of them aren't in any games .

  • dud wait for someone to see your thread.

  • @GTAVModder4Life Um there's been over 34 views how is it not being seen if it has over 34 views trust me its been seen just no one likes my ideas

  • @TR71777 not all those 34 people know how to make mods, the two of us included. Plus, it takes time for people to reach your threads.

  • @TR71777 https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/6961/vehicle-infiniti-g35-add-on

    4 days, 47 views, no responses.


    1 day, 51 views, no responses.


    2 days, 53 views, no responses.

    And none of them accuse people of not caring about their idea, they just accept that their ideas are not something modders want to create. Every time you accuse people of not caring about your ideas, you're probably making them care even less.

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