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Import/Export garages?!

  • Just browsing thru Simple Trainer, I noticed it has some absolutely stunningly luxury, round garages (from Import/Export?) Like at the Arcadius Business Centre, I think it was. I want those!

    Seriously, I couldn't leave the building, or find it on the map even. But that's where I want to store my cars!! I could spawn a car there, of course, but the map doesn't appear to be persistent.

    There's also a luxury mod garage I visited; couldn't use that either. :(

    And I saw Simple Trainer has all the interiors too! Which means I can start thinking about ditching SPA altogerher. :)

  • N.B.: I think maybe those garage towers are from Executive Offices?

  • Just read a post from ImNotMentaL, where he said: "DO NOT ASK ME TO ADD THE OFFICE AND 60 CAR GARAGES"

    Okay, the maker of Single Player Aparment doesn't want to make them. I take it no one has then!? Too bad. Those are gorgeous.

  • It's getting lonely in this thread. :)

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