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Surrender/Bribe Mod Request

  • Can someone tell me if there is a mod for that? Like, letting you surrender yourself for cops in any wanted level, and having the option of bribing them if there is only a few officers around you? Doesn't actually needs to have all these little details, only a menu with surrender/bribe option its enough for me. (I do have searched a lot for it and can't find anything like that (only for GTA/SA and Real Life Mod wich gives me many conflicts with others mods and has too many features that I dont need).

    If there is no such thing, anyone would like to help me build a mod like this? I'm not a programer, I only know about modeling (Blender) and design (Photoshop), but i can learn one thing or two and help if you need.

    (Sorry if my english its a little confuse, i'm not fluent yet).

  • @Heddarch RDE has an option to surrender to the cops, there's no bribing though.

  • @V4D3R Hmm, I see it, thx though, I will ask the modder if he can make a bribe add-on for his mod. (Nothing more realistic than bribing cops).

  • Yeah, especially when you have 5 stars on your ass:
    "Hey guys, let's just talk! I got money!|

  • @Forrest-Gimp Did you read the part when I say: "having the option of bribing them if there is only a few officers around you"? Also there is a bribing system in the game, you only get free from cops after being busted because of it, otherwise the game would become a prison game.

  • closest you'll get is Real Life Mod's bribing system, which allows you to bribe police officers into leaving you alone if they come up to you with only 1 star. you can disable every other feature the script comes with except for the bribing function if you want. i have shitloads of different .cs , .dll and .asi mods running alongside Real Life Mod and i've never had it fuck with anything for me, even alongside other scripts that alter police code as well such as police killer & better chases 1.5 (which i use real life mod with)


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