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does the topic need admin or moderator to make the solved button appear?

  • recently i juz upload a post that i cant found the solved button but when the admin or moderator reply me,the solved button appear ,does it means it the topic need the admin or moderator reply then only the solved button appear ? like others user solved my problem but i cant mark as read?

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  • @zh465 it's done via editing the post.

  • @zh465 Ask as a question will definitely do it... I can't tell what is a moderator function and what is a standard function now (which does make things a bit tricky) but if you have the option to ask as a question, choose that and it should turn the whole thread into a question.

    That will give you the option then to mark a post as the answer, which will in turn mark the thread as solved.

  • @LeeC2202 Wow , Thanks again ,i c that button.:smile:

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