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Issue with enabling MP maps

  • I work on videos in this game, so it comes in handy to have some of the game's special, usually inaccessible interiors available to record clips in. I've been using "Open Interiors" along with a simple trainer to enable MP maps and access interiors from the online mode, but starting in the last day or so, without any additional installations, I'm finding that the Open interiors mod crashes upon loading the game. If I try to activate MP maps without it anyway, the same ends up happening with the trainer. I've also tried using Menyoo, to no avail.

    I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this issue, or at the very least let me know whether I'm the only one haha. Thanks.


    @JackHF said in Issue with enabling MP maps:

    If I try to activate MP maps without it anyway

    Then it's obviously not the Open All Interiors mod. :)

    Been using the MP maps myself, of late, both with Menyoo and Simple Trainer, and no crashes.

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