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GTA 5 total ammo and clip size edit.

  • Hye everyone, sorry if this is the wrong thread to post but I just need some help on editing the game's total ammo and clip size. I need to do this in weapons.meta am I correct? Also which lines am I suppose to edit so that both total ammo and ammo in clip are changed. Thanks for your time.

  • In the weapons.meta file, hit Ctrl + F and search for "AMMO_PISTOL"

    Scroll down a few lines and you'll see where you can edit the max ammo values for each group of weapons (pistol, smg, rifle, shotgun, etc.)

    For the magazine sizes, search for "Clipsize value=" and keep keep going to the next match until you get to the individual weapons and change the magazine size to whatever you want for that particular weapon.

  • Thank you kindly!

  • Erm sorry, but do you know the specific search term for the max ammo value, I'm kind of lost in the strings of texts in the meta file.

  • Search for "AmmoMax value=" and change the numbers to whatever you want them to be.

    <Item type="CAmmoInfo">
    <Model />
    <Audio />
    <Slot />
    <AmmoMax value="100" />
    <AmmoMax50 value="100" />
    <AmmoMax100 value="100" />
    <AmmoMaxMP value="100" />
    <AmmoMax50MP value="100" />
    <AmmoMax100MP value="100" />
    <AmmoFlags />

  • Sir, can I change total ammo at weapons components.meta instead change at weapons.meta?

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