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Children peds

  • I know it's prohibited, because of violence bla, bla, but it bugs me real bad when there are absolutely no children in the streets, is it just me?...
    I would be okay even with idea of unkillable children peds, no matter how unrealistic and stupid it might be.

    In theory, is it possible to choose some peds who best look like a teenager, decrease their size and import?

  • @Forrest-Gimp I agree... they'd make far more challenging targets at 500 yards than an adult. ;) :imp:

    I think there is one mod on the main site, maybe two.

  • Children and animals are not in my shooting list. Would be fun to have them in normal gameplay though.

  • some modeller dude on patreon has a pack of ported children but i'm pretty sure he gave it exclusively to annoying youtube let's players and nobody else despite going through all the work of porting them into gta

    he released only one from the pack i think, which is a ported young bruce wayne from some batman game in a full black business suit.. search "child" on the main 5-mods site, otherwise wait (probably forever) for that guy to release the pack of others. don't get your hopes up though. i'm pretty sure he'd rather port spongebob models for his paid patreon followers or whatever it is he's doing currently.

    also, menyoo has an option that can set a ped's scale to be extremely short. i always thought if someone could utilize that native function on only a few ambient ped models (such as the skaters) and then reskinned them to get rid of the douchey goatees etc they'd work well enough

  • Heh, yeah, thanks for suggestions, I've seen these two kid mods, they are nice, but would be great to see something more extensive and immersive.

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