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Easiest game to start converting from?

  • I would rather not pay for zmodeler2 (so gta iv is kind of out of the question) but i am wondering what is the simplest conversion just to start out with. I was doing a car from mafia 2 but it came in 3 parts and i was a bit confused what to do next.

  • Mafia 2 is quiet easy to convert. You need to go into polygon mods, and select polygons and Detach them as nessary. Select door, trunk, and body polygons to detach and make into door parts. Idk how to explain the process next but it is pretty easy.

  • @J9090 ok. also in madgaz totrial he converts them to compounds lo lo1 lo2 ect. do i need to do that? as there is no lo1 lo2 ect>

  • I'll make a guide soon on converting cars.

    He must be creating LOD's/Level of details. These are the levels of detail/polygons as you move away from the model. This helps to save memory and performance on ur computer. You should do the LOD's if you want your car to not disappear from a distance. Just lower the amount of polygons.

  • @J9090 ok also does the model scale in zmodeler matter? mine seems a lot bigger than the gta v counterparts

  • Just scale it to an appropriate size. Use the scale tool. There is also a polygon reduction tool.

  • @J9090i will try to scale it down using a gta motorcycle as reference. but When i say a lot bigger i mean a gta v motorcycle is about the size of a wheel on this one.

  • ? What do you mean? Tell me your steps that you took.

  • @J9090 I just opened a comparable size motorcycle in the same window and realized that this is a lot bigger. But just in case you were confused disregard the stuff about mafia 2. I am not using that model anymore i found one that conforms a bit more like a gta v model and i dont have to separate the parts of the body. Also its a motorcycle which i have heard are easier to start out with

  • Oh. NM. Many cars are scaled correctly already. You should scale the collision itself. Click on the LOD and click on COL. This displays the correct collision for the bike. Resize the collision to the model you want to convert. Do not forget to move the green square to the middle of the circle. This is very important.

    Create your LOD's and drag them in the respectful LOD stature. The most level of detail should be LOD0. Just drag and drop into the right side. I.E: CLick on chassis, Lock page(next to name), drag and drop to LOD0,1,2, and 3.

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