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Need help converting from Forza 4

  • So I want to start by saying I have no previous experience modding GTA V or any GTA for that matter. However recently i've really craved some certain vehicles to mess around with and thought i'd have a go at trying myself.
    I downloaded a model from Forza 4 from gamemodels.ru and converted various parts to .obj files with Forza studio.
    My first problem arose when I started to gander in Zmodeler3. From my limited understanding (which could be completely wrong) i believe each part needs to be named a certain way and have a specified ID. After looking around I found a bunch of tutorials about converting to GTA IV or GTA SA but none are English and are super hard to follow. From just watching the video I thought I should start by seperating the doors from the body. When I started trying I realised I cant seem to find out how to select anything in Zmodeler (I may just be absolutely brain-dead) and furthermore I have no knowledge of how to use and apply textures in Zmodeler and I keep getting errors.

    Anyway, at this point i'm pretty much on the edge of quitting this little project because I have little determination.
    I would greatly appreciate some guidance and if anyone could link to a full English written tutorial I would be thankful.

    Thank you, Joe

  • I'm going to make a guide soon touching on this issue.

    Things you got right:

    • Parts should be named a certan way

    • There are non-english guides.

    • You can convert cars from FZ4

    • Separating the doors from the body

    Things you got wrong

    • Process is pretty eazy.

    • Not all parts need ID's. Some need user defined properties. Mostly dummies/non polygon stuff.

    • Also need to separate: trunk, bodyshell(paintable polygons), door interiors, glass, high detail interor, etc.

    • You need to create LOD's. Polygon lowering is the method to go with.

    • You should import a car that is mostly similar to the car. I.E: Import staniler to Crown Vic.

    • You also need to fill polygons between empty spaces commonly found in the door shuts of the cars.

  • The whole dummy thing is complete mind-fuck to me. Thanks for your response. I'll be looking out for your guide and in the mean time I think i'll stick to just playing.

  • Dummies are those green boxes you will see in all stages but clearer when no LOD's are shown. They also come in the form of green/blue cylinders, circles, etc. Those things give the car functions. I.E: Steering wheel, wheel, windows, door handles, etc. The geometry/physical stage of the car are only the looks.

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