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[PAINT] Camo for my Pzh2000

  • Hey,
    I'm searching for someone who could make a camo livery for the new version of my Pzh2000. I'm using a new model which only comes with a blank green texture and I suck at making liveries/paintjobs.
    This is how it currently looks:
    alt text

    And this is the livery I want for it:
    alt text

    Would be awesome if someone can help me!

  • @Oskar do you have a template? You should post one if you have one.

  • @Oskar Do you have a template? If you have the template I could try to make an camouflage livery for it......

  • @patrickprof I've got the original textures but I'll render a template in a few minutes!

  • @patrickprof The original mapping was much too complicated for a template. I'll try to make a new mapping now. That will probably take some hours!

  • Alright, take it easy ;)

    You can send me the template when it's done in private message or something?
    we will figure it out, tomorrow I have no time, I will work it as quick as I can ;)

  • Okay, thanks ;)

    I'll send it in the next days once it's finished!

  • @Oskar How will you send it to me? via e-mail or is it possible via this site?

  • @Oskar Also, could you send the full model with it? I would like to test the full skin on the vehicle in game, so that I can see some parts which are not good enough

  • @patrickprof Yeah, sure but beware it's not 100% finished. For example the artillery shells are still spinning which they are not supposed to do.

    I'll upload the vehicles files with the template somewhere and send the link to you via PM!

  • Alright, I wasn't sure how we were gonna do that ;)

    You could upload it in your Microsoft Onedrive and send me a personal link?
    And if you could specify a bit what you want exactly that would be great, like license plates are auto installed on the model?

  • @patrickprof I'll specify that once the template is ready ;)

  • @Oskar Great! I will make sure I check my inbox the next week
    It could be that it's done after a week (a bit shorter, a bit longer) as I'm currently also busy with school. But I will pause my own skins I'm working on and put yours first :p

  • How is it going? Any progress you've made?

  • @patrickprof The most parts are done, just some detail left. But I'm currently so short on time because of my exams so I'm not quite sure when it's done.

  • @Oskar Alright, was just checking in on you ;)

    Great to hear that you have done the most parts, I hope to create the skin as good as possible, it'll be my first camo skin

  • alt text

    How do you like this kind of camo to go on your vehicle?
    I just drew some lines, colored it in and then made it blur

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