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How? Change License Plate Text Height with carcols?

  • Hello,

    So I have license plates to release, but I want to release the carcols with the plates, so everything looks better. (I know how to do colours).

    I see an w,x,y,z in carcols but how do I change it so these letters fit between the writing/line?

    Thank you!
    !0_1487453010925_Screenshot (188).png

    0_1487452120329_Screenshot (187).png

  • I just have something with license plates :P so I started tweaking and experimenting few months ago and I also haven´t found a way for height changing.

    My understanding of the license plate "coding". This code is taken from my "mod", which corrected the Monaco license plate:

        <TextureSetName>yankton plate</TextureSetName> - don't change
        <DiffuseMapName>yankton_plate</DiffuseMapName> - don't change
        <NormalMapName>yankton_plate_n</NormalMapName> - don't change
        <FontExtents x="0.16000000" y="0.39500000" z="1.08000000" w="0.81600000"/> - needs pure experimenting(font-stretching), I achieved my needs by mostly playing(increasing) with "x", "y" and "z". Therefore, I could move the layout much more right and "fine-tune" them to match customized plate bordering...
        <MaxLettersOnPlate x="7.00000000" y="1.00000000"/> - I maybe didn´t understand the effect, but keep x rather high, I think changing "y" makes nothing better...
        <FontColor value="0xFF0055C4"/> - hex color code, works beautifully, take values from below(carcols.ymt). This color is blue
        <FontOutlineColor value="0xFF0055C4"/> - hex color code, doesn't seem to give any effect on me...
        <IsFontOutlineEnabled value="true"/> - even if to enable it by here...
    <DefaultTexureIndex value="4"/> - haven´t tested, dunno
    <NumericOffset value="0"/> - don´t change that, f*cks up the numeric order!!!
    <AlphabeticOffset value="10"/> - don´t change that, f*cks up the alphabetic order!!!
    <SpaceOffset value="60"/> - seems to work, as the name says, space offset. I increased that, because that suited me...
    <RandomCharOffset value="36"/> - haven´t tested, because seems totally irrelevant...
    <NumRandomChar value="4"/> - haven't tested, because seems irrelevant as well...

  • @HRH So X and Y may change the height? As you can see, my numbers are too low. Thank you for showing this, it helps!

  • Not height, but they all stretch the plate in horizontal perspective just from different "places", pretty pointless, but u can fine-tune quite funnily that way...

  • Height (text placement and size in general) can be changed with the FontExtents part of carcols. X and Z control the horizontal stretch/placement, and Y and W control the vertical stretch/placement.

    X - How far the left side of the text stretches across the plate.
    Y - How far the top of the text stretches down the plate.
    Z - How far the right side of the text stretches across the plate.
    W - How far the bottom of the text stretches down the plate.

    To move the text up, you have to decrease both Y and W values. Likewise, to move it down, you increase both values. Same with moving it left/right - decrease for left, increase for right. I would recommend changing the values by two decimal places so that you'll fine-tune it better.

    As for scaling, change the values of either X and Y or Z and W. Increase both X and Y to make the text smaller, decrease to make it bigger. Reverse for Z and W, increase to make bigger and decrease to make smaller. Alternatively, you can modify individual values to stretch the text however you want. Keep in mind, if X/Y is bigger than Z/W (or Z/W smaller than X/Y) the text will turn invisible.

    I've already played with these options since I made my add-on license plates mod six months ago (planning to release a full documentation with the next update), so feel free to use the values in it as a reference.

  • For FiveM do you just add them as a carcols.meta file?

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