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Vehicle tire / suspension sound effects

  • It has bothered me for the longest time. When your vehicle gets the slightest bit of air and then the wheels hit the ground again. It makes the most awful sound effect. Sounds like a dust bin lid. What's up with that really?

    So my request is for that sfx to be replaced with something more suitable. Like a tire actually hitting the ground or even a suspension sfx would be better than what we got now.

    While on the subject. Some crunchy cracks wouldnt go a miss. For vehicle crash impacts.

    There's plenty of good examples of what things should sound like on YouTube.

  • I dont know much about this topic but it is probably too hard to replace the sound effect of that and get the timing right. It would probably be better to make a script

  • @wlupoli Nononono.... replacing sounds is the easiest shit ever. Once you get a grip on how everything works it'll be like playing golf.

    @Cass If you're wearing good quality headsets you can faintly hear a sound when you slowly go over like a speed bump or whatever, sometimes it sounds like it knocks shit around.

    I don't feel like doing a sound mod right now, but I'm certain somebody here knows what to do. Good luck!

  • @Cass I've been trying to silence the very same sounds for the past month or so, still hear creaks after hitting bumps and when the suspension is under a heavy load (i.e. going over curbs or landing a jump...). I basically silenced any noise resembling a creak similar to the creak you hear in-game for the collisions.awc (8 sounds) and vehicles.awc (35 sounds), which seem to help (could be a placebo), but still hear the creaking nonetheless... I can send them to you if you want to test it out, maybe you will find something that I've missed.

  • @krashadam I guess. I only say to make a script instead that plays the sound is because every time I try replacing a sound the game crashes

  • @wlupoli You're obviously not doing it properly, your sound is likely not the right size, or it's of an invalid filetype. (Don't use MP3 with games that use WAV. Just like how you're not supposed to use rechargable batteries with products that don't use them.)

    Scripts are no good, they work too hard on the game, because it's not familiar territory for the game.

  • @krashadam every time I try to use a sound mod for a car for example, the game wants a .oac or sometype of file and the mods always come as another type like an . oav. (Idk something like that). The point is better the mods come as a wrong file type and openiv won't import them because the game needs a different type.

  • @wlupoli You need to edit the sounds and then import those oacs. From what you're telling me you have 0 knowledge of how to swap sounds. Unless I'm interpreting this wrong, let me know.

    I can solve certain issues, you know. Just not here, this topic shouldn't go off-topic. Maybe I'll write a tutorial, who knows when.

  • @wlupoli you need to import and export in open formats. With the original sound file being .wav.

  • @krashadam @wlupoli pretty sure it's in the collisions.awc resident. Rpf. It's just finding it in the mess that's the hard part.

  • @krashadam the downloads for mods always come as a different type from what the game needs and I'm unable to convert it to the right format. I knew how to do this but I think this started after a gta update or openiv update.openiv used to import with no problem but know it does not work

  • @krashadam I'm just gonna start a new topic in the general modding discussion about importing sound mods

  • For anyone looking to solve this issue, I have developed a fix for this. I have found the 4 audio files directly responsible and after testing and preparation i will release a "fix mod" for this issue.

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