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[Timecycles] Needing help from experts on timecycles.

  • I'm trying to create a timecycle that replaces the Halloween timecycle. I'm new to this timecycles gig, but I'm having a slightly hard time understanding most of it. Does anybody know how to change things like colors and what in these timecycles?

  • @krashadam I'm pretty sure it's stored in timecycles.xml let me double check to make sure


    It's timecycle_mods_1.xml do an advanced search in OpenIV

  • @NotCrunchyTaco I.. don't get it... what is this about again?

  • @krashadam That's where you can change the colours

  • Oh. Well I'll try it later sometime and see if it works. Thanks.

  • In IV we had some ppl sharing on the timecycles. Eg by vanni, packetx64Overload and others like sometimes Icelaglace

    Wouldn't it be great if there was a tutorial again?

  • @ReNNie A tutorial would be nice, yeah. A detailed, easy to understand, no bullshit, no quarterback, dimeback, nickelback, crystal clear, as frank as Frankenstein, as blunt as a fake Thor hammer. (what? No, but I get your point)

  • @Saunders420 don't be shy :P

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