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  • An unique Norwegian race car from 1975 buildt by Ivo Caprino and his crew on a Cadillac chassis. This beast weighs 2.8 tonnes, is 6.7 meters long and 2.4 meters wide. It has a 7 litres Chevrolet engine with 8 cylinders producing 500 BHP. If someone can create this to be used in GTA V I will gladly pay you money for the job with PayPal. I'm looking for a detailed job on both outside and in the cockpit (the manufacturer uses the term cockpit). I have detailed pictures of everything, and if someone is internested I will provide you with everything you need. This is a seriously cool car, and something you don't see everyday.

    If you're up for it, contact me!

    Introduction photos:
    alt text
    (*Do not mind the animals on the 2nd picture)
    alt textalt text
    It has two speedometers!

  • @MkBerg This is different to say the least and interestingly, there must be a model of this in existence somewhere, because the picture below seems to be a 3D render.

    Whether it can be found and used is a different matter.

    alt text

  • Another here
    link text

    Is a very detailed model with a lot of convex geometries, that means expensive, very expensive.

    Here is a very low detailed model but, not worths the direct convertion to GTA V, maybe adding details and hard work, can shine like the movie.
    Il Tempo Gigante LQ

    @MkBerg I'm interested in the creation if exists a good profit for the effort.

  • It would be an interesting challenge, that's for sure... and something very different in the game.

  • It's an extremely cool car. Is it possible to mod the car with two working speedometers?
    alt text

    Here is a cool video showing the speedometers and tachometer in action. During this scene, Reodor (the driver) activates a jet engine to get past the black car. To ignite it, he pushes the pedal into a secret chamber under the floor. Pretty cool. They did mount a jet engine on the real car, but are not allowed to use it due to immense noise. Notice that the first speedometer can't keep up with the acceleration.

    I think the model cockpit has cooler interior than the real car, but the real car has a more nice finish.

    Cockpit real car
    alt text

    Cockpit model car:
    alt text

    @Rarefacer I will not be able to pay like $1000 for the job, But if the finish product is good, I will not hesitate to pay like $100-150.

  • l can make it, and it will be even less than $150. email me I show my works lazlow555@ukr.net

  • @MkBerg Is a job of US$100 and if you want, I take the project and I add a script with abilities for the vehicle like gadgets (I saw the videos of The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix and is like the series that I loved in my childhood).

  • First, I will need to gather all information that I can so that my vision can be carried out. It will maybe take a week or two.

  • @LeeC2202 @Rarefacer @lazlow555

    I want the front and sides outside of the car to be like the real car, and the interior based on both the model and real car. The back with all the rockets etc. are alike, so I think it's easiest to use the model pics I have provided. You could get most of the photos you need by googling, but I did create a tiny folder. Also created a large folder with some HQ model car pics, which one can used for inspiration.

    In the real car, the engine look like this, and here is another pic. But I think that the model car engine looks cooler. Here are some more pictues: left side, right side, close up front (all pics are in Dropbox folder). But the only important part is the one showing when you open the bonet(s) (see picture).

    Now let's talk interior. The real car dashboard has a nicer finish, but there is too much meters etc. If you could use the model car dashboard as a template, and replacing the model car steering wheel with real car steering wheel. Use the woodwork from the real car in the model car dashboard and use tree, and not black rubber for the rim. Got a picture explaning the interior. See original picture here.

    The most important thing working is the second speedometer and tachometer.

    The car is four wheel drive, weighs 3.5 tons, is 6.8 meters long and 2.48 meters wide. Under the bonnet there is a 7.6 liter engine providing 540 BHP.

    alt text

    Would be awesome to have sparks out of rockets when igniting engine, but I think that it too high tech for GTA V.

    I hope this is enough to start with.

  • @MkBerg Do you have a date to the delivery? The sparks and FX are not problem, can be added with the Il Tempo Gigante script mod.

  • @Rarefacer There is no rush. But I would like to have it ready by at least 2-3 months.

  • @MkBerg Is enought time, you can contact me in rarefacer@gmail.com for the project advances and also if you allow it, a GTA5Mods thread about "il Tempo Gigante" vehicle mod can be opened to show the Making-Of.

  • @Rarefacer @MkBerg
    I must say I'm interested in knowing if this project have had any progress?

  • @Rarefacer have you finished it? if so, how do i get it?


    @Rarefacer said in [VEHICLE] Il Tempo Gigante - WILL PAY FOR JOB:

    @MkBerg Is a job of US$100 and if you want, I take the project and I add a script with abilities for the vehicle like gadgets (I saw the videos of The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix and is like the series that I loved in my childhood).

    Good stuff bro

  • @olsrub @Oyvi00i
    Rarefacer did start on the job and sent me progress but unfortunately the project died. I would very much like to restart and if anyone of you are up for the job, please notify me.

  • ahh shame, unfortunately i'm not into coding and such :/ how someone else may finish it though

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