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Forum link on the main site seems to be taking me to direct to forum chat instead.

  • The little speech bubble on the main site that used to take you to the forums, seems to be taking me direct into chat. Is this a "just me" problem, or is it site-wide? Or is it a new feature saying that?

  • @LeeC2202 Man, you guys are quick lol. It's a new feature. If you have a new chat notification on the forums, it will now appear on the main site in that area, and clicking it will take you to your chats. You can reach the forums from the main site by clicking the Forums link in the navigation bar.

  • @rappo LOL, it was pure chance, I was just about to log off, nipped to the main site, tried to get back and ended up in a chat window. :D

    Didn't we have this problem a while back though where the forum link was put on the nav bar and everyone objected because it meant the link scrolled out of view when you went down the page... or was that something different?

    I was sure you once moved the forum link and then put it back up there.

  • @LeeC2202 Hmmm yeah that's true. Alright, I'll make it link directly to the chats section only if you have an unread chat.

  • The change I mentioned is available now. Thanks for the suggestion, @LeeC2202!

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