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Excuse me guys but how do you convert cars from other racing Games like Need for Speed Carbon, Most Wanted, etc TO GTA 5?

  • I'm thinking about making Cross's Corvette Z06 from Need For Speed Carbon as an add on for GTA 5 but which softwares should I use and is it going to take a long time? Should I make the car to replace other cars first?

    Can someone please explain and show me simple Youtube videos on how it's done without complications?

    I'm new to GTA Modding but it seems very difficult.

    I appreciate the help guys.

  • Use Zmodeler3 (google it)

  • @cyberzone2 I just downloaded it. You know how to convert cars in a quick and easy way or can you link me to a good Youtube video that shows how to make/convert cars in a quick and easy way?

  • It's a difficult and long task that you can't just easily start, click a few buttons and be done - I tried once to see how I would go and let's just say I wasted about an hour and gave up XD

  • @SkillfulCorpse

    Okay. Do I have to use Zmodeler2 as well or will Zmodeler3 do the job?

    What car were you trying to make?

  • @adamjensen2030 You will need zmodeler2 if converting other mods from gta 4 or gta SA

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