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Help with setting up basic mods for using scene director?

  • Hi all,

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    I've been trying to follow a few tutorials on YT on how to set up my game for using mods. I think I've got the scripthook/openiv thing down (not confident though) but my intention is to make videos so I'll be using mods like scene director and most of the tutorials I've found seem more geared towards adding in new cars/skins etc.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of tutorial for setting up all the basic mods needed to run scene director (and similar mods) smoothly and then a guide on how to actually use scene director itself (I mean seriously basic, like what key/mouse click does what) to control actors and animations etc. I'm really eager to learn this stuff but it's pretty bewildering to me right now.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

  • @OhDee This would probably bet better in Installation Help & Troubleshooting, so I'll move it there for you.

    Can't offer much help the topic in question though I'm afraid, Scene Director isn't something I've used that much.

    Installation instructions are usually in either mod description on the download page, or in the readme (if it comes with one). For Scene Director, it is the former and they're pretty straightforward.

    Installation: Requires Scripthook V. Copy SceneDirector.asi, SceneDirectorAnim.txt and scene_director.ini into game directory

    As for keys and everything else, I honestly don't know.

  • Thank you! Been messing around tonight - think I'm about 10% sure what I'm doing now, which is an improvement on the 2% from earlier haha!

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