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my GTA5 is getting crash often, i cant solve the what the problem is, too much stress... T.T.

  • i'm using many car mods, and some sctipt mods, some modified rpf files.

    first I played with 10350 pirate version, it can play stable without mods,
    but apply mod it was getting more and more crash so too strees cannot play,
    I bought genuine Game CD, and it's stable without crash include using mods several monthes~!

    but genuine version must get version patch, get difference in my game, so..... after version,
    I tested many times and if game get crash, I hardly find what mod is problem. this is very hard and stress you knows,
    but GTA5 is world's greatest game so should find what mod is problem isn't this? never give up game, isn't this?

    ahh,,,, but this 10791 version I exclude "gameconfig.xml" and test include former using mods,
    game get crash after 2H25minutes.....
    "gameconfig.xml" file is always problem with patching version, but without applying this, game crash so I can't find what problem is.....
    i'm using "mods"folder and after each version patch I modify "popgroups.ymt" and add new DLC cars so make them naturally spawn on the road.

    I got real sick problem, maybe I give up playing GTA5? i'm playing another games too, so replace playing of them?
    i'm so so so so VERY sick of thinking what mod is problem causing crash,,,,....!!!!
    even expensive genuine version cannot solve crashing problem, I should still using pirate version..?

    GTA mod users, what do you do when game get crash and cant find solve?

  • @thespears You could give this gameconfig.xml a try, https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars. I've used it and I've had no issues when using add-on vehicles, no many how many of them I had

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