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I give up, I need help installing Addons. err_sys_fil

  • I've caved and come to look for help. I'm installing add on vehicles and cannot for the life of me get more than one pack + RDE (6 total) working right at the same time.

    At 7 it causes the game to crash after a while.
    At 8 I get something about err_fil_pack_1 or something. Game will still run after closing error, but inevitably crashes the same as 7.
    At 9 I get err_fil_pack_1 but the game gives me two of the errors and crashes out.

    I'm using mod folder. I'm using the game configs (tried multiple.) I'm adding the packs into dlcpacks, then the names into dlclist. I even tried doing the extratitleupdate which I know was found to be basically useless in reality. I have legitimately done everything I can.

    I'm using the RDE mod, which works fine on it's own. I also have the War Pack Three in One, which is very large. BUT even without War Pack, adding more mods still produces the same results, even when only using singular cars.

    I've seen people on about having hundreds, even thousands of addon cars. PLEASE help. I don't want a billion cars but there's a lot I really love



    See my profile for the appropriate links.
    You need an edited gameconfig.xml

  • @ReNNie I did already mention that I've used the edited config. I also have checked you profile via another post about similar problems and have not been helped. I cannot at all figure out the issue.
    Edi: I've tried basically every config I can find. Whether I put it in the mods or in the actual game's folder doesn't seem to matter.


    @KollynnBlackpaw Sorry, working on the phone... how large is your biggest add on? Less than 3 GB? The fil_pack could also have to do with the size of the add-on packs

  • @ReNNie Not sure about RDE's total size, but War Pack is about 2.3gig. Even turning off War Pack doesn't seem to help, but I'll keep poking around. I did see somewhere mentioning combining addon packs, but there seem to be no "For Dummies" guides on it, and what there is that I can find is crazy complicated sounding. Honestly at this point I'd just pay for just a decent combo pack like War Pack to come around.


    @KollynnBlackpaw basically it's just combining the info in the 4 meta files, content.xml (for listing the modkits) and models itself in the rpf. No biggie.

  • @KollynnBlackpaw It cannot be the War pack, neither RDE, as I use them both.

  • @V4D3R That's just it. It doesn't seem to be an issue with actual addons, having too many, having too many vehicles etc. Something just doesn't seem to be working. It's one of those "This should work but it's not" situations where everything has been done right and just isn't working.

  • @KollynnBlackpaw What gameconfigs have you tried? Did you try F7YO's?

  • @V4D3R F7YO's, Game68240's, Willief23's. Basically anything I can find. Even tried editing my own.

    Edit: I also have tried every single edition of F7YO's, just an FYI.

  • @KollynnBlackpaw Well, usually changing the gameconfig works.
    Combining add-ons is not necessary unless you have reached the add-on limit. :/
    But If you like, you can give it a go.

  • @V4D3R How much exactly is the addon limit? I couldn't find any solid numbers, just so I'm sure for later. Perhaps I'm doing the entirety of modding wrong, even though it seems like I'm doing it correctly according to tutorials?

  • @KollynnBlackpaw TBH I don't know, I haven't reached the add-on limit.
    If you like to check everything from the beginning, read my tutorial to check whether you have done everything properly. It will be easy for you, as you already know what to do.


  • @V4D3R Doesn't seem so. I've tried multiple mods and cannot add more than 8, this is with War Pack, RDE, and some "nifscope" mods (Comet Retro Standard and Stock Car pack.) This is just infuriating. Even following the little tutorial step by step just didn't work.

    Edit: I got up to 9 (RDE+Vehicles+Comet Retro Standard+Stock Cars+Glendale Station Wagon.) Edit 2: never mind 9 causes a crash after a few minutes.


    Have you tried deleting duplicates from the previous patchdayxx.rpf's?
    Maybe you've hit the wall in the sheer number of models the game can accomodate (it's a long shot i agree...)


    This one definitely solved my issue:

    Gameconfig (1.0.944.2) for Limitless Add-On Vehicles 6.0

  • @meimeiriver Again, I'm using the configs. They just don't work for me. @ReNNie talk to me like I'm retarded and walk me through installing the config? I know I've done it right but maybe, for some reason, somehow, I've done it wrong.



    not much rocketscience there mate

    OpenIV, edit mode, put the downloaded gameconfig.xml inside <gamefolder>\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

  • @ReNNie Yep, done exactly perfect. Even tried putting it in the actual game. This is making me wanna scream. Without changing it at first, the game will crash if adding anything more than RDE. With it, it crashes at 9 total addons (counting RDE's addon folders.)


    One of reasons I use a non-updated version of the game...


    @ReNNie said in I give up, I need help installing Addons. err_sys_fil:

    One of reasons I use a non-updated version of the game...

    How do you manage that, if I may ask?! At some point I may be seriously interested in 'freezing' the game, as it were, and just use all the cool modded stuff I have right now. STEAM won't let me not update the game any more, though.

  • Well, currently it's crashing giving me err_file_pack_1, so still not sure what's up. The game accepts my mods fine and all of that, it just acts like something is broken. I even tried removing War Pack to see if maybe I have too many vehicles and that's not worked either.


    @KollynnBlackpaw I dunno, that RDE pack looks very invasive. Are you sure that's not causing it? (Like, can you temporarily disable it?)

  • I can try but, again, it plus 3 mods works fie totalling 8. Doesn't matter what else I replace. I'd be very sad if I have to get rid of it.

  • @meimeiriver Seems to have worked, just a shame to get rid of it. I honestly may just deal with only having a few cars because it really is a great mod.

    Edit: Nevermind, still doesn't work when installing a few more mods.

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