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Five Reborn basics?!


    I went over to the Five Reborn server, asked some polite questions (see below), yet got some extremely hostile responses, and was basically told to f off:

    Can FiveReborn do these things?

    Since I'd still like to know, I'll just ask here then. :)

    At first I thought perhaps I had read wrong, but the description (for the mod at this site) clearly said "We hope to provide a platform wich gives you the oppertunity to run dedicated functional servers wich re-create the complete GTA:Online experience."

    Original questions:


    I am totally new to FiveReborn. Before I'm going to invest a lot of time in setting this fully up, I'd like to see a few small questions answered first, if I may, to see whether this thing is really for me.

    Simplest way for me to proceed, I guess, is just to explain what I want out of this project. Don't worry, my needs are small.

    What I'd like to do, is to run my own private (local) server, for me to connect to with the client. I'd love to be able to visit the apartment interiors, or use the fancy Arcadius garage towers and such, to store my collection of cars (persistently). Or go shopping for clothes. Or to go Benny's updated garage (for lowriders), or the fancy mod garage I saw at one of the equally fancy tower complexes. And, naturally, I'd love for there to be peds and cars, oherwise it will get very lonely.

    In short, I'm not interested in some PvP-type Online experience; just want to run my own private world, but then sans the limitations the regular Story Line mode imposes on me (aka, very restricted access to the Online maps).
    Is what I want even remotely possible with FiveReborn?! (Please say yes, LOL).

    Thanks for reading.


    I finally got around to installing Five Reborn. Kinda disappointing, really. The place is entirely empty: no stores, no homes, no nothing: just an empty playing field. And most certainly not the tool to "re-create the complete GTA:Online experience."

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