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Additional tagging features for the main site.

  • There are a couple of (or three) tagging features that I think would be useful on the main site.

    1. The tag auto-suggest that we have on the forums.

    2. The ability to insert a tag at the cursor location, rather than the front of the comment. Quite often, the author has to respond to multiple commenters, so has to break a comment up into sections. So if we could insert the tag where the cursor is, it just maintains the editing continuity a bit better.

    3. I know this one has been mentioned a few times... but the ability to tag the author when they haven't posted a comment on the mod page. If they haven't commented, it is actually easier to tag someone who isn't the author, which is kinda strange. :D

    None of them are critical in any way, it's just things that make interacting on the main site, similar to how we can interact on the forums.

    Although had I noticed something I have only just spotted, it might make some of those easier... After all this time, I have only just noticed that you can resize the comment box. :blush:

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