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i can't run my mission after add some mod and trainer :(

  • hello all
    help me to solved this bug :(
    the problem is after i add some mod and trainer, i can't run my mission in two different character Franklin and michael,

    so this is it !
    1.first i walk into M icon (michael house)
    alt text
    2.and then you can see the map , the icon M , still in the map
    alt text

    3.after franklin near the door house, suddenly the icon in map lost, and i can't do anything, just walk and walk
    alt text

    1. and the some people character out from michael house and just stuck in the car
      alt text

    anybody know about this bug ? or solution about this problem ?
    help me to solve this problem :(

    sorry for my bad english

    thanks before

  • @andalangue Please tell what mods you are using.

  • @V4D3R just like car mod, bike mod, enchanced native trainer, enchanced train driver, improved train, realistic explosions , yeezy shoes mod but before i use enchanced native trainer i use nativetrainer, then i delete nativetrainer.asi to change with enchanced native trainer.

  • @andalangue Are you using the retail Version or Steam version? Is it also updated to version 944.2?

  • @LeeC2202 retail version

  • @andalangue Is it fully updated?

  • @LeeC2202 not yet, but how to update GTAV? sorry if im newbie about this -_-

  • @andalangue When you log in through the Social Club Launcher, it will connect to the Rockstar Servers, check your version and will update itself automatically.

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