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[Map][WIP] Mad Max 1979 - Map/World

  • Hello all!

    First of all I´m a big Mad Max fan and I really adore the movies, especially the first one.
    As a kind of a tribute I´ll try to recreate the "world" the first movie took place in, or at least the most significant locations.
    Due to the fact that I´m a total newby in creating new worlds/maps it´ll take some time, but I promise I´ll put some real effort in my work and do my best.

    If you aren´t familiar with Mad Max, go watch this trailer first:

    (sadly it doesn´t use the original Aussie-Dub but it´s still pretty good)

    There will be different stages that need to be done:
    -Create a concept how the map will be build e.g. where will be what
    -Since I can´t fit every little building/area in the world I´ll need to pick the most significant one´s

    Some locations that probably will be build:
    Opening Street: https://pl.vc/140owg

    Leakes Road Laverton: http://madmaxmovies.com/mad-max/filming-locations/leakes-road-laverton/thumb.jpg

    Pretty Sally Roadhouse (Fat Nancy´s): https://pl.vc/g0h64 https://pl.vc/175isq

    Point Wilson Road: https://pl.vc/t4fpa https://pl.vc/7gada

    Anarchie Road: https://pl.vc/yg76k

    MFP headquarters: http://madmaxmovies.com/mad-max/filming-locations/spotswood-pumping-station/index.html

    Intersection of Little River Road and Old Melbourne Road: https://pl.vc/ey6cr

    Kirks Bridge: http://www.themoviedistrict.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/madmax15B.jpg

    Farm House: http://www.themoviedistrict.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/madmax13.jpg https://pl.vc/n4bwt

    Farm Road: http://madmaxmovies.com/mad-max/filming-locations/farm-road/index.html

    Max House

    Please keep in mind that this will take it´s time!
    If you have some advices or else for me, feel free to comment down below.


  • Have no advice to give you, but I do have some encouragement: 1). As a Mad Max fan, (...George Miller help me, but the one I dig most is Beyond Thunderdome :sunglasses: ) this sounds great. As a GTA V fan, it's good to have new maps out there. 2). Ok, so I DO have some advice, let's combine it with encouragement and call it 'adcouragement'-- don't give up. Sometimes the process is boring or your interest fades, and if that does occur, that's when you take some time, and re-watch Mad Max to recharge. Also, build in layers so you don't get burnt out; work on a house or road, and the next day work on adding trees and rocks.

    The best to you, Doc.

  • Oh yeah I´ll use the Map Builder by OmegaKings, I hope that´ll do its job^^

  • /Update!

    The concepts of the Pretty Sally Roadhouse (Fat Nancy´s), Point Wilson Road and the Anarchie Road are done, but it seems like they aren´t logical connected in the movie (I´ve noticed several issues) which means that I´ll have to find a solution for that later.

  • @DocBuddy Yeah i loved the first too ! I can just say you good luck for this project.

    If you need prop like landscape or build I've already done some as addonprops
    ( well the v3 landscape are shity but if you can wait like two week i'll release the V4 that will add more detailled and bigger landscape / note that there is few colision problem such as supersportiv going through object, no dmg show etc but since 95% of the current modeler just do vehicle and dont care about addonprops I didn't find any help to fix that ;S )

    between if you wanna do a whole world then you will more need to convert map wich is a bit more complicate than mapping with map editor or menyoo ( but also often low detailled )

    Once again, good luck ! ;)

  • @Shaezbreizh Yeah I would need some landscapes and I also can wait a few weeks ^^ and dont worry about the colision problems, since I´ll mainly use them as backgrounds etc
    By the way what do you mean by converting a map? I could use some advices on creating new locations too, since you seem to be an expert compared to me haha

  • @DocBuddy I'm pretty new to modeling ( only 2 month xd) so don't really know how to convert map yet, i'm just redoing some gta objects (land, build, misc, road etc), but you've few tuto on the convert process for full map , just take a look on youtube (there is different program for it, such as zmod, 3DS gims evo, maya etc, most of these tuto are aimed for GTAIV but can work too for the V , and anyway tuto begin to come for gta 5 too

    If you don't have any experience, and than yu wanna do thing fast , then i recomend to use MapEditor/Menyoo wich allow to create thing easy IG ( with MapBuilder and my addonprops if you wanna more possibilty )
    But if you're motivate then you should take a look to the different tuto around the web cause map convert, even if a bit lower detail permit much bigger map ( that the interst of lowering the detail xP) and Anyway, you can mix a convert map with map editor or menyoo map to bring more detail ;)

  • So, if anybody is talented in creating/modelling landscapes please comment down below :)


    Concept of Max´ House, MFP Headquarter and the beach are done!

  • The concept´s of the Farm House, the Farm Road and Kirk´s Bridge are done.
    I´ll may add more, but first I want to see how the other concept´s turn out ingame.

  • Good work

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks! Hopefully It´ll be ingame as beautiful as expected by me ^^

  • A very early picture, keep in mind that this isn´t nearly the final form! It´s only a test to see how it works.
    alt text

  • @DocBuddy -- NOICE!

  • Since I can´t create a whole new landscape this way I decided to it with 3dsmax+heightmaps, wish me luck haha

  • /update! First teaser for Max´ house
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • /update!

    Decided to delete the first try of Max´ house and started all over again.
    Here´s a first, not finished yet state, screenshot:
    alt text

  • alt text

  • Just a little note from me:
    Until ScriptHook and Shaezbreizh´s Addon-Props mod isn´t updated the work is paused.

  • A little update:
    -added two teleport markers, one in front of the door of Max´ house and one inside of an interior, its now like you enter the house :)

  • Little video:

  • After 3 months away, several issues with my computer that had to be fixed (some parts broke down) I´m back and may even continue working on the Mad Max map, stay tuned :)

  • Looks sick bro keep it up.

  • I need your help! I started working on the map again, but I can´t place more objects, because I get a message that says: "You´ve reached the prop limit." How can I bypass that?

  • @DocBuddy

    You can't. Thats the limit for map editor. Its not a good way to use for mapping. In fact, I wouldn't even considered it as map editing since its just a script used for spawning pre-existing props.

    If you really want to create a map, then I would highly suggest using GIMS EVO V : http://gtaforums.com/topic/836266-vrel-gims-evo-for-gta-v/

  • I remember trying to use this, but I didn´t really work out...

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