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how to create lower polygon versions of the same object?

  • I am currently working with a high quality model that doesnt have any lower polygon (l1,l2 ect.) How do i create a lower polygon version?. remember i still want to keep the high quality version for l0.

  • Use the polygon lower tool. It is: modify/ submesh/ Optimize polygon. This is the 3rd till last button. You won't miss it. Remember to copy the original polygons first. use the copy to lower polygons and copy again and lower polygons. Then drag it into a locked view to the right with LOD1,2,3 view toggled on.

  • @J9090 how do i make a copy thats where i am stuck

  • Top left. Create/copy tool.

  • @J9090 thanks just started using zmodeler yesterday so i am still trying to figure out where everything is

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