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need original vehicle.meta file if there is away to get it from somewhere

  • hi guys forgot to back up my vehicle.meta and my game is stopping. would like to try putting back to original .

  • @conjames23 You'll have to verify your gamefiles if you have modded the original files. Posting unmodified game files is not allowed on the forums.

  • Easy.

    Go into the GTA 5 root directory, with OpenIV of course.

    Look for where you first found your file (vehicle.meta was probably from update>update.rpf>levels or something.)

    After that, load the xml file in hex, go to the side with the text (not that black and yellow nonsense) copy that text, go to your old vehicle.meta, or create a new .txt, then rename the .txt to .xml, then paste the copied contents into the file, and done and done.

  • And always use the mods folder to prevent further incidents like this.

  • was mods folder i have changed. my game keeps stopping now how much cars can you add or replace?i have replaced about 20 and added on about 50. do you think i have done a bad one and have to take them out

  • There is a copy of the vehicles.meta stored at common.rpf/data/levels/gta5/vehicles.meta.

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