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[Vehicle] Can someone make a BMW m9?

  • BMW M9 2017. Here is a picture of the car. Shit looks nice. alt text

  • Provide a model.

  • @V4D3R what do you mean by model?

  • @Mezzy Add a link to a 3D model of the vehicle you are looking for. No one is going to make this from scratch. I doubt this car is in any games, so you can look in places like Humster3D and Turbosquid.

  • Is pretty similar to the BMW i8 (the M9 looks like the son among a BMWi8 and a Camaro 2005) and is not so far of the desired shape. A i8 can be a remodelled to create the M9.

  • @Rarefacer Do you have any idea a complicated it is to "remodel" a car like this? People who really can do it, are working in game studio and earn a lot of cash. They have the exact measurements, smaller models or 3d scan of the original. I dont think, that anyone will nor can do it, like you wish. Sorry for the bad news

  • @Pantyshot Is simple, who wants can do anything. The i8 has a 85% of the shape and remodelling is not so complicated like you think. Is just take the parts and extrude here, cut there, blend again, weld and smooth surfaces. A lot of CGI artists around of world do that because saves time and effort. The remodelling of this vehicle is a job of US$40 but by the pleassure to drive in game, can be a ToDo like hobby.

    Generally I do private mods and I'm busy until April, but if nobody takes the project, I'll do it. Is a beautifull car.

  • @Rarefacer Can you remodel the interior as well? I'm pretty sure it's not the same as i8's.

  • @V4D3R In that feature exists confusion in the related info in the web. Almost all BMW M9 review sites shows the same interior from the i8, and others just said "the interior is based in the 5 and 7 series". Some articles are too far of the truth putting the interior from a Saab Kalevala as a BMW M9.
    In the BMW official sites, unfortunately not exists info related to the M9. The best choice is a i8 interior with some improvements.

  • @Mezzy Why does this car remind me that a Ford Mustang Boss 302 from the front, Nissan GTR R35 On the Top and koenigsegg agera r from back and side and had sex and made this pile of junk? Just kidding it literally looks like a BMW i8

    alt text

    I admit it is a nice looking car and better than the i8

  • @Mezzy

    i can offer BMW Vision Concept Model instead. for free if you can find someone who has time to convert it. i have the 3d model on my harddrive. can upload if needed.
    alt text

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