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Yacht Deluxe v1.9

  • Hello people.I was thinking Since the Creator of the Mod has been unavailable for a while, would it be possible for someone who knows him to alert him on the issue concerning the mod needing an update. Or if possible, Can someone do something so that the mod can work on v1.36 of the game. Thanks...

  • @Bernab Why not 1.37?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @V4D3R Aight....1.33 upto Date

  • @Bernab 1.33 and 1.36.. Two versions Reloaded managed to crack.. Do you have a legally bought copy?

  • @V4D3R yeah i have the 791 build ....but the mod is still not working

  • @Bernab Thanks for the confirmation. Glad to hear you have a legally bought copy. As we don't support piracy in this forum.
    And for your problem, a direct message to the author could be useful, but if he's no longer interested in updating it, I'm afraid there's nothing much to do. I'm sure someone else would like to recreate the mod.
    It would be better if you update the game to the latest version, as many of these mods won't work properly in older versions.

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