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How to Convert and Mod steam GTA V offline?

  • i have 1.0.944.2 version of GTA V installed via steam. i made a copy of all the files to a new directory for modding and offline playing but i cannot seem to bypass the rockstar activation everytime i try to run the copied GTA V. i have tried replacing social club.dll and deleted the steam.dll files. also tried various launchers but all ended on the log in screen. help would be much appreciated.
    Thank You in Advance.


    @hassam2050 Both Copies should be in the same directory. Rename both copies - the modding copy should be something like "Grand Theft Auto V modded" and the online copy should be renamed to "Grand Theft Auto V online". When you play the modded game, rename the modded copy back to "Grand Theft Auto V". The same for online. Only one folder should be renamed back to "Grand Theft Auto V", depending on what you are playing at a time - SP or MP.

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