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How to create a Car-Mod? [Add-On/Replace]

  • Hello community,

    i just want to know how to create a car mod?
    What do i need for that, can someone tell me in few sentences how to?

    Greets st0rmy7

  • First thing you need is zModeler 3, which you have to pay for.

  • @st0rmy7 you need to buy zmodeler 3. And to take it even further if you want get 3ds max with a student lisence. Then, you need to go find a model you want to convert. Turbosquid has a huge selection. Finally watch a ton of tutorials. For tutorials, learn the basics of CAD software and make your self familiar with 3ds max and zmodeler. Next, learn how to make vehicle animations like gauges, steering wheels, glass, turning wheels, and other animations for the model. Finally, start learning how to convert cars from .3ds or whatever to .yft

  • @st0rmy7 you need 3ds max for making large modifications to your model that zmodeler can't do. Zmodeler is mostly for making small changes and doing the final conversion to yft

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