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So uh... Why cant you see who disliked your comments/reply? :)

  • So uh... Why can't you see who disliked your reply/comments?

    A lot of the people who are downvoting/disliking comments are doing so out of hate/spite/the likes/ or just cause they're biased against the person they're down voting.

    Now look at this.

    alt text

    Someone named @jr40years+ called ME an IDIOT. Did he get downvoted? No. perhaps people think im an idiot and agree with him? Yes. But it is a personal attack none the less so why didn't his comment get down voted? Biased opinion that's why O:

    If only certain people have the "authority" to tarnish peoples "GTA5MODEFORUM Reputation" and are doing so only because of their own bias. Then why even have it? or why limit it to only people who have like 25 rep?

    Why do you have to have a certain reputation to be able to dislike peoples comments anyway? i'd like to crush peoples reputation on the gta 5 mods forums too you know!

  • Seems evident for me,
    keeping the downvoter anonym permit to people to express their real feeling.

    I mean, imagine the bullshit it will be if we were voting (irl ) in public, first it could lead weak minded people to not assum what they think cause of the group effect, then it could also lead to big trouble between people that don't think the same thing, like revenge or even worst

    I can understand your opinion, it can be used for abusiv purpose ( hater, troller, etc ), may it need improvment to avoid abuser, but make the downvote private is the better thing to do for the freedom of mind. ;)

  • I'm pretty sure if that people could see who downvoted comments, all that would happen is there would be an increase in the number of reports of abusive and harassing PMs by the people who got downvoted. Or an increase in the number of personal retaliations in a thread to those users.

    Nobody can see downvotes, not even the moderation team and that ensures that nobody can take any action against another user, no matter what their forum status is.

    As you can see from this image, with my cursor over an upvote, a name is visible, with my cursor over a downvote, nothing is displayed.


  • @LeeC2202 Well, if moderator can't manage the abuser then yes there is problem that should be take in consideration ( may force the people that downvote to leave the reason of it ( only seeable by moderator) could avoid these abuser
    So i can downvote rappo without be afraid xd ?

  • @Shaezbreizh Sure make it anonymous i get that and it's fine but let everyone do it (downvote) not just little biased two shoes over there

  • @LeeC2202 Yes i know upvotes show the person who upvoted. But i just really dont get why there is even a down vote system if only certain people can use it and when it is used even in an abusive manner it tarnishes the persons "reputation on the site" and there is no way to counter it except if the person who originally down voted took away that downvote. like ffs i cant even make two replies within 120 seconds of each other with my current rep :'( all because of some biased cwordz who dislikes me like wtf :'( i cry everytime

    Also the whole point of this is to shed light on the whole downvote system (ye i know the topic name is "blah blah why cant you see who downvoted your shite" but its not just about that) not just not being able to see who downvoted.. i really dont care who downvoted me i just dislike the fact that because they're being biased c wordzzz that i have to have restrictions put on my profile ... :'( like i said; i cry everytime

  • @420x420 I'm not sure to understand what you mean ;S ( english is not my native language and if that an expression it's hard to understand cause expression can be said in different way in other language )

  • I meant that yes we should have anonymous downvotes but everyone should be able to do it (it as in, downvote) not just someone with a higher rep then yourself.

  • @Shaezbreizh said in So uh... Why cant you see who disliked your comments/reply? :):

    Well, if moderator can't manage the abuser then yes there is problem that should be take in consideration

    Why do you consider someone who clicks a downvote button as an abuser? Do you believe that if I don't like what you say, that is the same as me being verbally abusive to you? Does that not strike you as being somewhat irrational?

    Edit: @420x420 You probably got a notification that I replied to you and I did but in hindsight, I used such a flawed analogy, it would be inexcusable for me to leave that here. I approached it from completely the wrong angle and I apologise for doing so (if you read it).

    I think your concerns warrant a for more thought-out response to the one I originally put here, so I have removed it in respect of precisely that.

  • @LeeC2202 i never got a notifiction since i'd jsut gotten home but much obliged man

  • @LeeC2202 sorry may i've made a mistake i just get a correct but not so good level in english, that not what I wanted to mean .
    What I wanted to mean is that, yes it's a good thing to keep downvoting unknow from normal forum user, but that moderator should be able to see who is downvoting and the reason for this downvote in order to avoid any abuse of this command.

    Cause if you read the author comment he said that someone abused it on him and that it resulted into some negativ issue.

    But In No way I said that a downvote is abusiv, and i'm the first one to defend freedom of mind here and I always defend the peaceful way to talk in order to avoid any trouble.

    Edit : @420x420 yes that not normal I agree since it can have some case of abused people that get their rep fuck for nothing

  • @Shaezbreizh I understand now... I keep getting caught out by this language problem, sorry. :blush:

  • It's just the default NodeBB settings honestly, no consideration was taken into these settings. I've changed it so that a user only needs 1 reputation point to downvote. This will prevent people from registering and just downvote trolling without ever posting.

    Also, yes, I can see who downvotes a post. So don't even try it @Shaezbreizh :angry:

  • @rappo Hell yeah m9

  • Administrators and moderators can see who downvoted, so if you think your posts get downvoted unfairly, please report it.

  • @Shaezbreizh @420x420 I just wanted to apologise if it seemed like I was misleading you about who could see who has downvoted posts.

    Until last night (after posting that), I genuinely had no idea it was possible but I have now discovered otherwise. Sorry for the misleading information. :blush:

  • @LeeC2202 totaly xP but np it happen to everybody ;)
    @rappo good to know xP

  • @LeeC2202 All good man

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