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Request area

  • Well, when the forum was just released I already suggested to split the requests topic by category in order to make it clear and more efficient.

    And it's not a bad criticism, I understand that it take some time to create category, but today this area look like a Bin : S

    Lot of request are unanswered, i also guess it come from the fact that modder don't look it for the simple reason that they've to waste X min to find a mod request that concern their kind of modding.
    And yeah i knoww there is the tag to help out, but it s not really usfull to find them easyer. More again when people don't know they've to put it .

    So today we've 79 request page that will obviously for most of them never be done not only for the reason it can't be done, or that it's not interesting, but cause they'll never be seen, just cause modder offer enough of their time to people and that they've other thing to do than checking all page to get the request that concern them ..

    While if some undercategory have been done, request will not go as fast to the next page
    , some day there is a lot of request and they just go away really fast cause of new one leading the older to never be seen by concerned modder, so never done or even answered while some idea are good and would make good mod.

    And no, the tag isn't as usefull, more again when people dont put it xd

  • @Shaezbreizh I'll be honest, the Requests category is mainly just there to satisfy certain visitors and for me to have a place to link people when they email me to make some mod for them. It has not been super successful for converting requests into actual mods, and I don't think the issue is really because modders can't find requests to fulfill... they're just not looking at all. If enough people agree with your request (you can upvote his post or make your own post in support) then I'll go ahead and make the subcategories.

  • @rappo well that the point,
    this area have no utility cause most of request will never beeen see while some are good and doable xS It's just that there is a lot of bullshit request that hide the good one, spliting them a bit more with under category woud permit to make the intersting one more seeable
    and so give a better utility to this area than just satisfy visitor in my opinion

    And saying " they're just not looking at all " go in the sens of what I said ;P

    but well as I said I can understand than you've more important thing to do np ;)

  • I always go through the requests section on each visit, just to see what's new and what might be tempting. The biggest problem I see with it, is that people don't use the [TAGS] which are clearly defined in the pinned topic in that section. I mean, it says "READ BEFORE YOU POST" in big letters and people still ignore it.

    If they can't use a simple [VEHICLE] or [SCRIPT] tag in the title, I don't think there is much/any chance of them choosing the right category for their requests either. I mean on the first page of requests at this moment in time, there are 24 requests and only 8 have a proper tag on them.

    With any system of organisation, there has to be cooperation on the part of the users to make it work. Otherwise, you just create a dumping ground that the admin team has to clean up on a constant basis.

  • @LeeC2202 I guess this tag matter is cause yes from what part they don't read it (and that a recurent problem in anything ;S)
    But also cause it's not the usual way to process for a forum (and that my opinion but almost all forum that I'm using but even website work with category system and I find it's clean, easyer to search etc) and also may that why people don't understand that it's the only way to define their topic on this forum.

    And, in it self i'm not against that tag system ( even if i prefer the category system wich is much more clear in my opinion but idk may i'm too much old school xP),
    and it could stand as it is, it's just that since we can't hide or sort the result per tag they're not efficient at all that what I wanted to point out.
    If really creating undercategory is a too huge work, then may make the ability to clear research per tag could be a good alternativ ;S

  • @Shaezbreizh I've just tried using the advanced search option, which seems to accept tags but no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to return any results while I was using that option. :/

    As an example, go into Advanced search, type "yamaha" into the search box and select the Requests section and it returns seven results. Add [VEHICLE] (or just VEHICLE) into the "has tags" option and it returns no results.

    So that would seem to indicate that the tags it expects are not the tags the pinned post says to use. @rappo can you confirm if that's the case or not please?

    I mean, I would love people to use the forum as it is intended, tagging what needs to be tagged, putting things into the correct categories etc... but we always have to remember, this is an English speaking forum that has no localisation options.

    I can imagine it would be incredibly frustrating to have to use Google to translate the main forum sections to find the right area, then to go through those categories one by one, translating each one until you found the right one, then using Google again to post your request.

    That's the main reason I never complain if a post is put in the wrong section. I simply tell the user why I am moving it and move it for them. That's the least I can do if they have made the effort to try and communicate in a language they don't fully understand. And in all fairness, that's probably the reason tags are not used.

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