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Texture & map issues... I need help.

  • After spawning in 5 or so added cars, the world's texture goes, only some of the cars (added/modded) loose their interior texture and the map loads slow with it constantly disappearing and reappearing?
    All the cars I have added are Add-on, I have no graphics mods or any other mods and my PC specs are more than enough to handle GTA?
    Does anyone have an idea why I am getting this issue?
    Thanks :)

  • Maybe RAM shortage. What is your RAM size?
    Usually, I think add-on cars take bunch of computer resource. They have better textures and highly detailed structure so recommend spawning one or two cars at the same place or time ^^.

  • @vDub this is a limitation of the game engine. This is what happens when you spawn too many high quality textures in at once. Either the road textures start to disappear or blink on and off and same with building textures.

    Try using my gameconfig file below as it has helped solve some of that texture problem by allowing more data to be read in game.


    Also stay away from mods like LA Roads as this combined with addon cars will make the road texture problems and missing textures on cars or buildings appear even faster.

  • @EDGeNA I thought it could have been RAM too, but I have 64GB DDR4 @ 3200Mhz, surely that is not the problem? And yeah okay, I understand they have better textures and will be more demanding. Although I don't believe this issue used to be a problem, I think it has occurred since one of the latest patches?
    anyway thanks for your help :) much appreciated!

  • @Willief23 Yeah definitely, you have described my issue perfectly there! roads, building and their textures blinking on and off, and even some areas of the map completely disappearing. I will definitely try your gameconfig, and yeah I tend to stay away from map mods anyway, I have nothing like LA roads on/installed.
    Thanks a lot for your help :) I'll try the gameconfig and if all goes well ill let you know!

  • @vDub Wow..... You have enough RAM..... Amazing. RAM is not a problem at all haha

  • @EDGeNA Hahahah, yeah i didn't think it would be :)

  • @Willief23 After using that gameconfig there is 100% an improvement, although, with a few Add-On cars spawned in, the map loads slower in the distance which isn't too bad, but certain cars and always the same ones loose their interior texture and sometimes things like the engine bay and exhausts? I guess I will just have to stick to one car at a time lol.
    Really strange, I haven't had this problem in the past.
    Thanks again though :) helped a lot!

  • @vDub tomorrow I will mess around with the gameconfig some more to see if i can improve map loading. Also have you messed with your settings.xml file at all? If you increase the lines that say pedvarietymultiplier and vehiclevarietymultiplier too high that will also affect the texture missing issues. Anything above 1.25 value i wouldnt use.

  • @vDub try this gameconfig see if it improves map loading. Also rename it to just gameconfig.


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