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Vehicle not spawning which has vehshare_worn txd relation in vehicle.meta

  • From some time, when I spawn some cars, the cars started not to spawn. So I looked for solution and I found that cars that have <txdRelationships> vehshare_worn txd relation in Vehicle.meta are not spawned.
    For example, insurgent has
    in vehicle.meta. Also the cars have same txdRealationships are not spawned either. Anyone know solution.?

  • @EDGeNA

    I've got the exact same problem since the last Update. Did you found a solution?

  • @MacSlurp HI. It was one of the addon vehicle problem. I installed Lexus ls600 at that time and I found that this was causing problem. So I just deleted it. Since then, I have no problem. And I think it is <txdRelationships> problem. But this is just my assumption.
    Hope that this is helpful.

  • @EDGeNA wow you were right. I had the same mod installed, deleting it solved the problem. Thanks a lot!

  • @MacSlurp Haha. I'm glad that it helped you. :) Have fun!

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