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Anyone know how to disable a auto spoiler?

  • Like title said,
    Many super cars like Lambo have auto spoiler. I want to disable it because I want to tune for other spoiler.

    Can I disable auto spoiler through handling or vehicle.meta?

  • @EDGeNA I'm going to move this into Modding Discussion for you as I think this is probably more a case of "How to mod", rather than "How to fix", so the vehicle modders might have the answer you need,

  • Hi,
    you just gotta head up to carcols.meta find the lines for the spoiler you want to use and change "<turnOffBones />" with <turnOffBones>
    change "misc_c" to the actual bone that is liked to the car spoiler and the stock spoiler will be disabled each time you change it with some other.


  • @rampage321 How can I figure out which "misc_X" is...

  • By opening the car model in OpenIV you can turn off each bone and see which part of the car is turning off. If you have trouble doing that i can help you.

  • Autospoiler is given by 2 specific bone names that are spoiler and struts. Both have a hardcoded protocol that makes the game animate them as soon as they are detected inside a car hierarchy. This at the same time makes both bones be restricted to certain features. Two of them which are the most important are:
    -They cant be parented by any door entity, counts bonnet and boot too.
    -They cant be altered by any of the command lines from carcols.meta, you cant remove autospoiler, unless you remove the actual object using zmodeler or disolve the compound belonging to struts and spoiler

  • @Vans123 you CAN remove spoiler by removing its parent bone. If the spoiler and struts both share a parent bone( for eg:misc_x ,x being anything) so edit the skeleton and make a parent bone and mark both bones as the children and turn off the misc_x
    My problem is that i have extracted the .skel file from the model and edited it. Now i cant merge it with the car model 🤔

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