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Car Bones/Collisionbones problem

  • Hey guys i have a problem. Long story short i am using a car addon but i replaced the car in the mod with another model of the same car. So the problem is each time i try to use the option <turnOffBones> to the "bonnet" my whole car is getting buggy its like the whole frame turns off. Similar problem with "extra1"(spoiler) under "boot" tab is that is not even turning off and i think its because its under a tab as its shown in the picturealt text If some of you guys can at least guide me where the problem might be i can probably figure it out.

  • If an Add-On has been made based on a specific model, then this may explain your issue.

  • I dont think it has anything to do with this the code is simple you cant get it wrong. Or i might be wrong correct me then. If its something from the code it has to be vehicles.meta because i rechecked handling.meta and carcols.meta like billion times.

  • @rampage321
    the carcols.meta data specifies which bone to turn off. If you replaced only the model and didnt check the data then you basicly have the problem infront of you.
    The bone hierarchy and name assignments of the old model dont fit the new model you are using, making the carcols.meta to remove stuff that isnt supposted to be removed.

    Example: Old model had misc_a assigned for bodyframe, theres a tuning part to change bodyframe, therefor misc_a data at carcols.meta will remove that misc_a bone and replace it. New model has misc_a assigned for roof, the tuning part data will still remove misc_a but you will see roof disappearing and not the bodyframe, because new model uses misc_a bone for roof.

    You will need to rebuild the carcols.meta data by yourself, if you have no idea what the hell you gotta do, then i recommend to stop swapping just models without data change. To make new tuning part data you require to know the placement of pivot point for the tuning part, so you can decide which bone to attach it at.

  • Thanks for the reply. But i have idea what i am doing i know each bones assignments and i did update the entire code its something else everything with the code seems right. I can give you an example and the actual model if you want to be 100% sure about it.

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