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  • Hey,

    Is there a way for install just graphics features from mod like clouds, reflections, lights, roads, etc without 5* military, gun sounds, euphoria, fire, etc?

  • I realize I'm not being very helpful here, but personally I don't touch any of these (very) invasive 'all-in-one' packages with a ten-foot pole: doing so usually just means there's a high chance any other mod you wish to install is either going to conflict with it, or will simply crash your game.

    GTA V looks pretty enough to me 'as is.' :)

  • @ViusFX Open the oiv package with winRAR, and install your preferred files.

  • @meimeiriver Ye, GTA V is with vanilla graphics ok, but I really like REDUX graphics,but don't like gun sounds, etc from this mod. If I will not figure out, how to make just graphics from this mod working, I will play just with ReShade :D Thanks for reply )).

  • @V4D3R I already tried it, I installed my preffered files to MODS folder, but it wasn't working, nothing changed. I will try to install it to game folder but, I really don't want reinstall GTA V again. Thanks for reply )).

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